Can I trust a forex indicator 100%

In fact, most indicators you can trust 100%! The great thing about every indicator is that they show you what has already happened. You can see, at a glance and on multiple time frames, what has happened in the past relative to whatever indicator you are using.

The great thing about indicators is that they will always show you only what has already happened.

But if you are looking for an indicator that will show you the future, you are looking for the best indicator website

You can trust a forex indicator 100%. Indicators are there as a helping hand in your forex trade. Once your indicator is confirmed, you need to check with your indicator for confirmation trade.

As I would always recommend, use demo money for at least one month. Ensure your strategies and signals are profitable. Then start with your money. Ensure at least the SUM of 10 consecutive trades is positive (profit and not loss) before investing your own money.

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